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Engrade: A Great Tool to Keep Track Students Work

Living in a technological age, students nowadays have with a wider range of resources; they have the possibility to work out more exercises at home from the comfort of their … Continue reading

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Stormboard: For Online Collaboration

Stormboard is an online collaboration tool which allows users to brainstorm ideas between themselves. Stormboard uses virtual stick notes on a whiteboard type backdrop which allows easy organization of the … Continue reading

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Quizdini’s main aim is to help your students to learn in a fun manner, mostly different than traditional learning. One can register in the following site: https://teach.quizdini.com/register by filling in … Continue reading

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Sorting Algorithms: Digital Game Based Learning

Sorting algorithms are abstract concepts for many students and they often find it difficult to understand. By using these games, one can easily grasp the fundamental principles of various sorting … Continue reading

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Textilus: a Great Tool For IPad Users

Living in such technological age, most persons, even so students have a variety of digital devices such mobile phones. Some may even own tablets. The prices of such devices have … Continue reading

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Fotobabble: Images with audio

Fotobabble is an online resource which allows you to create short and informative videos using images and voice recordings. This could be very useful when used in for example a … Continue reading

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Twiddla: An online canvas

Twiddla is a free online canvas space where multiple users may join and collaborate on the same page. No login or registration¬†is required for the use of this resource. Twiddla … Continue reading

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