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Teachers need to embed 21st century skills.

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The responsibilities of the educators are always increasing and more is expected by them every day. I personally think that all these skills centre around one fundamental principle being that today’s students are not the same as before due to the fact that they live in a technological world and this affects their way on interpreting information and gaining  knowledge.  Some fundamental skills mentioned in this journal regarding a group science activity, which can be easily applied in computing are:

  1. Critical thinking and problem solving– meaning thinking creatively and come up not with one, but with various solutions to solve a problem.
  2. Communication and collaboration-having an effective communication in the class where goals are set and efforts are done by all those involved.
  3. Leadership and Management– being someone who can manage a group and eventually lead them to achieve their prime aims.

21st century teaching must incorporate a lot of technology usage! Technology can be used by both the students and the teacher for example instead of writing on the board to explain something, a video can be used to make it more interesting and at the same time easier for today’s students to understand. Another fundamental skill is interdisciplinary instruction. Students should be shown how or the effect of what they are learning affects the world. Due to this, they are forced to think creatively and come up with very interesting ideas. This might be difficult sometimes; however, they will be excited to come up with an idea as they will be building up their own learning. They will be more enthusiastic and bring out their innovative thoughts. It is not an issue of whether nowadays students are more misbehaved or not, it is about trying to make the lessons as fun as possible considering the environment they have grown up in. Doing lessons the same as fifteen years ago, will surely bore the students out, as they are accustomed to a totally different world. We should focus most importantly on the skills we should prepare this generation and not on the subject content because we cannot predict what their future careers might be. If we succeed in doing that, then whatever the future brings up, they will be prepared.



2 comments on “Teachers need to embed 21st century skills.

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  2. mariamicallef
    October 31, 2013

    Students nowadays are more multitasking and spend most of their time finding activities they enjoy doing from a young age such as the television or spending time on the computer to play games. This may be a reason why they may find school not as engaging and interesting. Teachers should adapt 21st century technologies and implement them in the classroom to provide a new way of teaching to which the students can relate to more. Society has changed from the past which is why previous methodologies may not be that useful anymore.

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