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Asking You(Tube)


Surely every internet user has at least once heard of YouTube and its purpose of communicating information worldwide through video-sharing. Indeed, communication is a basic skill which when mastered it is useful in every aspect of our life: relationships, education, and work. So, why not combine education with YouTube?

This isn’t the classic way of communication such as gestures and body language, verbal and tone of voice. These do affect the way we share ideas, thoughts and information to other people. However, I think that using the technology of today to communicate can facilitate what we want to say and be even more appropriate since we’re living in the 21st century.

The biggest advantage of YouTube is that it is community based so anyone can upload a video online. All you need is a video to upload and a YouTube account (or Gmail account since Gmail and YouTube are connected). Then just follow the instructions given on the website. For example, name of the video, category, a description if you want and tags. As you can see it isn’t really difficult.

Teachers could easily use YouTube to upload how-to videos, or maybe parts of lessons. This would enable the students to re-watch it anytime they want. Even absent students would get the chance to know what was done in the classroom. Another easier way for teachers is to find already made videos which relate to the lessons. These videos can then be served as an introduction or conclusion when introducing a new topic or just as extra help for students to watch later.

As you can see, YouTube can be educational. All you need is to try to think of how you can use it usefully.


4 comments on “Asking You(Tube)

  1. thenarnianx
    November 9, 2013

    I wouldn’t call YouTube a program but anyway, I think that it can be a good source for educational videos. If we search for a particular topic many results will come up and a few of them will definitely fit our needs. There are many videos which offer explanations about various subjects and I know that I have used it before when I got stuck in home work or studying.

  2. berniceschembri12
    November 12, 2013

    I agree with your statement when you’ve said that YouTube could be educational. It can be beneficial for both students and teachers. First of all, for students it can be useful to continue researching and learning about the topic taught at school. They could also learn extra information not taught in school because of several reasons like there was not enough time.

    There are also interesting videos for teachers which they can learn from. Could be either the way they teach the topic or how to explain certain terms and concepts. First of all, it should be the teachers that should introduce students to such videos. They could also dedicate some time to help them familiarize with it, afterwards the teachers themselves should start posting videos to students for reference.

  3. sarahbuttigieg12
    November 13, 2013

    I believe that this helps students as it is a visual and self-paced form of learning. A video may motivate them so much that it becomes viral amongst them! Incorporate it in your lesson avoids boredom and enhances interests in them, because on YouTube one can find very interesting videos which portray real life examples. Sometimes something you find so difficult to explain, can be easily explained even by images through a video. In certain countries there exists YouTube enhanced study units. Teachers then examine their students on their ability to complete the unit’s various tasks and the responses to their own questions and those made by the teacher.

    Below is a journal on tips on incorporating YouTube into lessons. It focuses on science lessons, however can be easily adaptable to others.


    • mariamicallef
      November 14, 2013

      Thank you for that journal! It is really interesting and gives a concrete way of how YouTube can be used in classrooms. Also, I never thought of using Survey Monkey. It provides an easy way to know their current knowledge. Although, as Jerry Everhart said, even YouTube can be used to find out what the students know about the topic.

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