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Tips to improve presentations in classrooms.

image003The purpose of doing a class presentation is to aid the teacher in conveying information in a way that students remember what you’ve said.

The number of slides in your presentation are irrelevant. Use as many slides as required, as long as you convey the message. What matters the most is how much your slides will engage your students in the related topic. The slides are there to support what you are saying, not to say it for you. Just mention one main point on each slide and maybe some sub points to help you expand.This means spending too much time on the same slide will definitely loose them, therefore the message should be broken into two slides if there is so much to talk about.

Pictures and videos should be included in a presentation because there are various students who engage more in the lesson with these means. They also help the students to remember what you’ve said. Make pictures as visable as possible so as to make a greater impact to aid memory.

Try to make the slides as simple as possible, exlcluding extra information like headers and footers. Sometimes unless there is a clear transition between slides, people hardly see the changes. This clear transition helps students to refocus when they got distracted. It is necessary to remind students of earlier points, therefore the teacher could switch to same slides more than once.



3 comments on “Tips to improve presentations in classrooms.

  1. mariamicallef
    November 14, 2013

    Presentations can really help to facilitate the presenter’s speech, which in our case, it is the lesson delivered by the teacher. They contain the main points that the speaker wants to talk about. However, a real presentation is not just about the slides in a powerpoint but it involves the use of videos, group work, exercises, handouts, classwork activities and everything else that can be used to make the presentation more reachable to the audience.

    When preparing a presentation it is important to keep in mind that we are presenting to people and not clones. This can be done by remembering these 4 points:
    1. Prepare
    2. Present
    3. Practice
    4. Personalize
    Further information on these can be found on:

    I think that the above can all be adapted to teachers and education.

  2. thenarnianx
    November 16, 2013

    Yes I think that spending too much time on a particular slide will lose the students interest. If you change the slide every few minutes they will possibly be more interested as they can have the urge to read what they see and they will probably even more interested if they see a picture too.

  3. sarah1294
    November 19, 2013

    I think what is most fundamental to improve a presentation in class is to ameliorate your communication skills. You need to know exactly what message you want to deliver and be confident about it. Do not be afraid to speak about your personal opinions and what you think. Furthermore, you must ensure that you engage your students as much as possible but how can it happen? I strongly believe that is highly depends on your body language. Making eye contact, facial expressions, appropriate tone, asking questions and listen to any queries, moving your hands and be direct and to point. Furthermore, you must be careful that you always use the appropriate words and speak slowly and clearly. Finally, to interest the audience, you should not speak all the time with the same pitch of voice, but use the appropriate volume depending on what you are explaining in order to avoid monotone!

    More information can be found in this website:


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