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My first day of the 2nd year’s school experience

Last year I was observing in a girls’ school and this year I will be observing and teaching in a boys school. Therefore this will be a new experience for me because obviously observing students who are girls is drastically different from observing boys for various aspects. They act and think differently, their level of maturity is different even if they have the same age and also their intelligence. First of all, I met the assistant head who he took me around the school and explained  some of the school principles and rules. A sentence that I kept in mind was when he told me that they give students individual attention and they cater the needs of each and every one of them. Afterwards he introduced me to the two computer teachers of the school, who I will be working with. There are only one class of computer studies in each form and although there are not many subjects to choose from, yet for some reasons students still do not choose it.

The first lesson which I observed was a double lesson with form 4 students. It was a Java programming lesson, which it was about the switch and the do while loop. Although there were several disruptions, the teacher handled the lesson pretty well.As it was a practical lesson, there were only about 12 students. Two of them, kept talking continuously and passing comments. After the lesson the teacher told me that they act this way because they are together. Once one of them is absent, the other one behaves accordingly like the rest of the class.  She tried to change their places for several times but they always seem to find a way to communicate with each other. Therefore, she decided to ignore their stupid random comments and just continue the lesson. Very few students did their homework because of different reasons, either they did not know how or they have invented story. The teacher told them to upload the late homework till tomorrow on Moodle and if they did not, an email will be sent to their parents.  After she explained what is the do while loop and she did a model example on the whiteboard. I like the way she was continuously making sure that they were understanding. After the explanation, she gave them two tasks to program on the computer. The teacher asked me whether I would like to help her by going around and guide the students when they are  stuck. This was the perfect time for me to meet each student individually. At first they seemed shy and they were only obeying what I was saying, but after a while they started talking to me about their difficulties and how they think they should do the task.  I was really thankful for this teacher because of the first opportunity she gave me to get to know the students.

Another lesson which I observed was a theory lesson with the form 3’s. It was a binary lesson and with the other computer teacher. I loved the way she involved them in the lesson, like when she was asking them questions individually or  asking them to come and work out a conversion on the whiteboard. They were really engaged and interested because they were showing off hands to either answer the question or so that she chooses them. I also liked the creative power point she used in order to explain the theory part which included sound and images.

The last lesson which I observed was with the Form 5’s. I was really surprised because they have already finish the syllabus. The teacher explained that she is picking up questions of the same topic from different past papers so that they can work them together in class. Moreover, for the next lesson she gives them the topic that they need to revise so that they will know what to study. I think this style was really working with these students because they seem to have studied as they were participating and screaming the answers.


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