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School Experience 2nd Year Part 1 of 2

School Experience Survey

As the title implies a school experience obviously includes everything related to the school we are assigned to so therefore in my first post about school experience I’ll describe the environment.

So once again here we are, at the beginning of a new school observation period. Unlike last year, I knew what to expect to see and observe, but this new school was much bigger than the one I was placed in last year. The school is somewhat old but it is well kept. The place has a very large amount of classrooms which range from small ones (suitable for about a maximum of ten persons) to normal sized classroom to halls. The school has three floors all of which contain classrooms and labs for the science subjects and amongst these classrooms there are some offices for the school staff scattered among all three floors.

Underneath the school there is a corridor shaped basement which also has rooms used by the students during school hours. Many of them are filled with game machines such as billiard tables and ping pong tables. This basement also doubles a passageway in which people can avoid the rain if they pass through it.  I have already experienced this since last Wednesday it was raining during the time I spent there. One the school isn’t lacking in is staircases. They are literally everywhere. In the center there is another which splits from a central staircase to two on the either side.  At both ends of the corridor on all three floors there is a small staircase. Near one of these side staircases is there is another large staircase which once more goes from the bottom to the top. This particular staircase has photographs of some awesome views of Malta. In my next post I’ll talk about the lesson I observed.


One comment on “School Experience 2nd Year Part 1 of 2

  1. bernice1994
    November 23, 2013

    The environment of the school affects both the students and the school staff. A welcoming environment encourages the staff to come to work on a positive note and the students to feel comfortable like they are at home.

    I agree that a games room should be included in every school. This is because games can helps students to relax their minds during the break. They could take a break from learning and have fun.

    You mentioned that there is a lot of staircase. But are there any lifts or ramps for disabled students, if there are any? In the secondary school which I used to attend we had physically disabled students and there were no lifts. So their solution was to keep the 1st level of the school for classes which had these students. I do not think that this is practical solution and they were also separating the class from the rest of the form.

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