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School Experience: Environment Perception

ClassroomLast Wednesday, we second year students started our school experience as part of our B.Ed. course. This involves about ten observation sessions every Wednesday morning and after that eight more sessions of teaching practice with the same classes we’d have observed throughout the scholastic year.

So you can imagine how anxious I was at first. Questions like: How is the school? Will the teachers be helpful? How will the students think of me? These and even more questions all passed through my head. Until finally the time came to actually answer these questions. I arrived at the school early and to my surprise the Headmaster was extremely helpful. He took me around the school and introduced me to the IT and Computer Studies teachers as I’ll be working with them.

I was impressed by the school environment. The school is obviously really taken care of. There wasn’t a single object out of place and really clean. However, what really fascinated me was that there was a whole floor which was visually and aesthetically pleasing. Imagine a whole corridor with about more than ten stunning paintings hanging on the wall. I was left speechless when I saw them. These paintings were positioned so that the students could see them first thing when getting out or looking out of their classrooms.

This brings me to think about school environments and if it has an affect on the students as well as the staff. From what I observed, the students look like they like the school and are really pushed to study. The teachers really work hard and if they get to miss a lesson because of some other activity then they have to do that particular lesson on another day. This shows that the school values the academic learning of the students and doesn’t want them to miss it.

I really believe that if there is a positive perception of the school environment then this may affect the behaviour of both the students and staff. Probably, it also affects the learning goals of the students set by themselves and the school itself. Whatever it is, I’m sure that everyone would prefer to work in an environment which looks welcoming and friendly rather than an abandoned one.


One comment on “School Experience: Environment Perception

  1. sarah1294
    November 19, 2013

    Yes, I do believe that the school environment affects both the students and the staff. A good environment brings with it a good atmosphere and this affects the mood of a lot of people. These people spend a lot of time in school; it is like there second home so it is important to be as attractive and as comfortable as possible. It should be a place where students feel protected and safe to get as much from it as they can. The same way that home affects them, does the school. Better school environment, encourages good behaviour and I also believe that it improves ones self-esteem and brings with it positive attitudes. Some also believe that it may affect the academic achievements of students in fact below I attached a study examining this factor on the secondary schools in Lagos State.


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