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My 2nd School Observation

classroom-observation-eyeToday like last week, I carried out my observations in the Computer Studies lessons and there were several actions which interested me. As soon as I entered the school I felt more welcomed then last time by the students, because some of them smiled or waved at me.

In this school after every test given, students are asked to do its correction and give it to their parents to sign it.  First of all, I agree that students are given a test after some topics covered. This is because tests show that the students have acquired a certain degree of knowledge in the subject concerned. Furthermore, it also shows that those tested were capable of expressing their inner selves in a way that others could understand. I also agree with the request of the parent’s signature on the corrected version. First of all, the guardians would know that their children had had a test, how their children are doing in the subject and in which areas the latter need to revise more. If someone fails to bring the signed test s/he is asked to bring it tomorrow first thing in the morning, else the consequences can vary from extra work to break in. These I believe, are given with the prime intention that the students benefit from it, to help them become more responsible and more careful. If no consequence is given the students will repeat it over and over again. There might be different reasons why someone failed to bring the signed test. It could be that s/he had not attained a high enough mark and was scared of his parents’ reaction. However, it could also have been a genuine case; in fact one of those who forgot it was very involved in the lesson and knew the answers to the questions asked. I concluded that he was quite bright in the subject

Today I also liked how the teachers willingly give students advices because this shows care for every individual since, as later I was explained by the Head, personal care is a top priority in this school.

What I also found interesting was how the teacher changed his/her voice according to what s/he was explaining. When s/he wanted to make an emphasis on something his/her voice grew louder, and I personally believe that this had the desired effect on the students. Furthermore, I think that an occasional joke between the teacher and the students is important; it helps to lessen or relieve the stress in the classroom and build a stronger bond between the students and their teacher. Even information about the topic, the students are encouraged to search for it and build it up on their own. In this way, the students are being prepared for life in Sixth Form and later on the University where most of the  information and notes are not spoon fed.

In another lesson, there were times were the students grew careless and quite disrespectful while the teacher was explaining. But when s/he took in charge, order reigned again in the classroom. The reason for this could be that they wanted to show off or perhaps they found the topic boring. No matter how teachers try to promote positive behaviours and attitudes, circumstances such as these should always be expected! It can be the result of social backgrounds where they may easily get carried away and distracted and as a result the other students get inattentive as well. I do not think there is a particular reason for misbehaviour, what should be done by the teacher is try to maintain discipline and order as much as possible and show students that you are in charge of the class.

Due to unexpected events that happen inside the classroom, it is very difficult for lesson plans to evolve exactly as one would wish. This was something I clearly observed in a particular class. Personally I believe that customizing the lessons according to students’ requirements, and if also possible, trying to make up activities which do not only target the students’ strength, but also their weaknesses,  is of utmost importance. From today`s experience what I was able to conclude was that to have the attention of everyone and have a good outcome from the lesson, first the lesson must be well planned and it must be fun. Flexibility is also required and when examples were given by using real-life objects, all the students were really involved and attentive. Even the use of presentations and other multimedia applications, which I observed in the Computer lab, really caught the students interest



One comment on “My 2nd School Observation

  1. bernice1994
    November 23, 2013

    As you mentioned in the beginning, although it is our second time visiting this school, I already feel more welcomed by the students. This time was much better than the other visit, as when they wanted some help regarding the task that the teacher gave them, they took the initiative and asked me to help them while the teacher was helping the other students. During the last visit, I had to ask them if they needed any help when they looked lost because they were shy to talk to me,

    I also agree with you about giving tests to students. After some content covered, I think the teacher should asses them in order to know if they have understood or not. After they have done the test, a class correction is necessary so that students will know why they’ve bring that particular question wrong and how they could change it to correct. Therefore, if they have paid attention to the class correction, they would be able to re do it alone at home. By re doing the test at home, the teacher now can make sure that she double checked that that have learnt what she wanted them to learn.

    In my opinion, teacher should always keep parents up to date with their child’s improvement. By signing the tests is one mean. Other suggestions may be using edmodo.

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