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EMBED and Robotics Experience


Last week I had the opportunity to participate in two events from which I learnt a lot; those being EMBED and Robotics. The first session was EMBED and for this one we had to create different games using the software Scratch. The aim was to familiarise the students with this program and eventually they will come up with their own methods to modify the games to satisfy what was required from them in the Worksheet we had created. In the Robotics session, we also had to create different activities using Scratch however, this time, they also had sensors (distance and tilt sensor from the WEDO kit), and the students were asked to modify the programs in such a way that the games work in accordance to these two sensors.

For these sessions we had to work in groups of two and this helped me a lot being my first teaching experience. Given that we have made a good preparation and shared the time between us, we went quite well. There were some distractions for example there were other workshops going on near us so we had to speak loudly. Furthermore, the student behaviour was not the best; in fact we had to adapt our lesson plan according to how the lesson has evolved. Unfortunately, this led to not being able to do all the things we had prepared for the students but being the first time we were quite satisfied with the outcome

In the next two sessions of Robotics being the second time, we were more confident and we did better! I felt more in control and the overall classroom management was good, in fact all students liked it and were interested which was our prime aim. They immediately understood the use of sensors and started building up their own games.

From these experiences I was able to conclude some important things. Starting with the need to have a good preparation before going in class, as teaching will eventually become easy if you have everything planned. Secondly, participation of students, encourage them to participate and be active so that they can come up with their own solutions. This way they will be able to build up their own knowledge while being in control. Finally, I realized the effect it has when students work with each other, in groups. They are likely to understand better the concepts from someone their own age.

Overall, it was a great experience as it showed me how much the teaching career has to offer.



2 comments on “EMBED and Robotics Experience

  1. bernice1994
    December 3, 2013

    From this experience I have learnt a lot. As it was my first time teaching a group of students , although I was well prepared, I was still anxious. In fact during the sessions of Robotics, I felt more confident. Moreover, I saw improvement in the way we were introducing the students to Scratch. In Robotics, we have let the students experiment the activities before we started to explain the Scratch main concepts and I think that by this students found it less abstract when for example we explained loops as they already saw how the loop works in the activity. Another thing which we did in the Robotics session that I felt that we have improved in was the way we involved the students to participate and those who know the task to do it in front of their friends and letting them to help those who could not understand or are stuck.

    I really enjoyed this experience and I’m looking forward to what this career may bring.

  2. thenarnianx
    December 4, 2013

    Through this experience, I realise that even with the best of plans things can progress in a way that you did not plan. These events we attended are even more diffcult than the normal classroom enviroment as the students will be out of school on an field trip which they expect to be more fun than their lessons at school. One more thing is that we’ll be seeing this group of students for only one time so therefore we would not have any prior knowlege regarding the students behaviour and their attitude towards computing. But even considering all of these points, both events we attended were a success especially the last few as by then we had already tried out a few workshops and we had started to get used to it.

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