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4th observation session & the school Christmas activities

Xmas-1p1oqhfNormally, I observe four lessons, but today I only observed one lesson. This is because today they only  had lessons until 11, so that they could spend the rest of the school day preparing for the next day’s Christmas activities. The lessons were shortened up in order that until 11 all the lessons were done. The first two lessons that I normally observe with the Form 4’s were again assessment session so the teacher suggested whether I would like to join the other teachers in the staffroom to help them in their preparations about the Christmas activities or watch the students do their test like last week. I thought it would be a better idea to join the teachers. As I was in the staffroom I noticed different groups of teachers which they were doing different tasks. Their tasks varied from doing charts and choosing the music, cooking and painting graffiti. I asked them who  needed help, and I joined the graffiti group. I really enjoyed helping them because I felt welcomed by all the teachers. Although most of the teachers were participating in these tasks , there were still a few who kept on doing school stuff like correcting home works or preparing the lessons.

Afterwards, I went to observe the computer science lesson with the form 3’s. What I noticed is that when they know that the lesson is short and there are activities waiting for them, the students were less focused. Between each other they were talking about what they  are going to do and what they are in charge of after the lesson. The teacher tried to interest them by dividing them into four groups so that they do a quiz regarding input and output devices. This seem to work because they all wanted to win, therefore there were a complete participation. This lesson was pretty much short and it passed very quickly. Students were told to meet up at the quadrangle so that every student will be told what is his job to do that evening.

With the other 2nd year student teacher, we went around the school observing the students. They looked excited  and they were surely enjoying this because as one of the teachers told me it was themselves who chose what their role will be. They had different roles like singing, playing instruments, acting, cooking and painting.  Therefore, one had to chose what they are best in. Some of the students even asked us to help them. From all the rehearsals, I mostly enjoyed the choir. There were different students and teachers playing instruments and singing. This made me feel the Christmas spirit.  What made me curious was why students chose to be backstage rather than actors. Therefore, I went to ask a particular student whether he would have preferred to be the actor. His reply was that he was shy and never acted in front of people. He was afraid of trying it for the first time. The message that our education should give  is that it is all right to do mistakes, we learn from them and we should never be afraid of trying.

As the observation session ended, the head master invited me to visit their Christmas activities the following day. I was surprised as the school was turned into a Christmas village with all the decorations and activities! Teachers and students were dressed as elves, reindeer and father Christmas. There were plays, games, exhibitions of the baby Jesus and cribs made by students themselves and also traditional Christmas food like the ‘Imbuljuta’ and ‘qaghaq tal-ghasel’. These activities were done for the first time and they were a total success. Normally, they used to do just a play and invite the parents of the students to see it. This is what I admire from this school, that they always work as a team both the students and the teachers.


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