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5th Observation!


I was looking forward for the last observation for this year, as it was the last normal school day for the students before the Christmas recess—the last two school days are reserved for activities and parties. The school was fully decorated, and this helps to


create a better environment. As a result, I was expecting a different behaviour from them, and in fact they were much noisier and much happier than usual, in fact, when the teacher asked them how they felt today, all of them told her; “very good” —very much unlike last week!


Today I had the opportunity to attend the assembly with the students. I saw the level of discipline and order that the school has. Students do not talk with each other or laugh together, but they carefully listened to what the Head had to say about how the next two days will evolve. After the assembly I started my normal observations. The double Computer studies lessons I observe have the break in between; a ten minute break entitled to every student and educator. I think it is very beneficial for the students as they have some time to refresh themselves.  I myself used to long for such a break, at least to stretch and move a little and to drink or eat something. Sometimes the teacher used to give us a 2 minute break and when he did not, the misbehaviour would get worse as students get tired. As I have already said, today their behaviour was quite unacceptable but this could be justified as it was the last normal school day, and even the teachers appeared as if they too were tired. One student who failed to bring his/her homework was reported and I thought it served him/her good because s/he is always talking and not paying attention. Today however, s/he started working diligently. Probably s/he had not done his work and was foreseeing a severe rebuke at home.


The teacher shows a lot of interest in his/her students and I find it very caring and fundamental for an educator. A particular student had all his/her notes unsorted and while the other students were busy with their class work; the teacher showed him/her how to keep the folder properly organized. I saw this as really very caring, and surely it will help the student to be more organized in the future for s/he started sorting out the notes immediately. I also realised how really important it is for students to write the title and/or date at the top of every sheet. It really helps to find thing more easily and in a shorter time. Educators are not there just to help students gain knowledge about their subject, but also to help the students develop into mature, sociable citizens.


From today’s observation I was able to conclude that students everywhere and at all times eagerly look forward to their holidays. This shows the amount of stress school work inflicts on most children and perhaps this is even more so in Our Islands where students are mercilessly pushed by both home and school to do better to secure a good job later on. A discussion between two students about politics today also made me reflect and think. I personally believe that some sort of education in democracy and the politics is needed to further a sense offairness, a sense of justice and a sense of respect and tolerance for opposing opinions in our rising generation.


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