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Symbaloo: a bookmarking tool.


Symbaloo is an interesting tool that helps you to keep track of your favourite sites. It stores the bookmarks “in the cloud” so that they can be accessed anywhere from any device. There are applications for smart phones and tablets as well. One can also bookmark RSS feeds, where one can save time by not needing to visit each site to keep himself informed with the updates.

This tool was created with education in mind. First of all, it is visually appealing for students having colourful tiles that one can easily organize. Moreover, teachers can gather all the links related to the topics they teach in one site and they can share them with the students and maybe even their parents. A good idea will be to keep an electronic portfolio of each student so that they will be able to see the progress in their work. In my opinion, the best thing about this kind of bookmarking tool is that learning is extended beyond the classroom. We all know how restricted teachers are with time,therefore, we should prepare our students for more learning at home.

In one of the sites referenced below, one will find two videos that will introduce you to Symbaloo and show you how to use it.





One comment on “Symbaloo: a bookmarking tool.

  1. sarah1294
    October 17, 2014

    Wow, this is a very interesting tool. I agree with you for the fact that it is very user friendly and having the updates readily available instead of opening up the website each time to check for the latest RSS feeds is surely of great comfort. I also so believe that teachers will benefit from it as they can bookmark all the tools and resources they would like to refer to in the near future in a single page and they can eventually share it with their students as well. This way student will be provided with a vast range of resources; which they can access and gather information from, when doing their revision at home. When looking for more information on Symbaloo, I can across this website below which also describes similar online bookmarking tools.


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