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Creating presentations using Animoto


Animoto is a very simple tool used to create presentations. It provides the alternative to view and listen to slideshows, or one can choose to either view or listen only. It can be a useful tool in the classroom, which can be used both by students and teachers. Due to its simplicity, the teacher avoids spending a lot of time to teach the students how to use this tool.

Educators can start using this tool by signing up in the main Animoto for Educators site (https://animoto.com/pro/education). After that, one can start creating videos by clicking on the “Create Video” from the set of buttons. Students can acceess these videos by either downloading them or by having the teacher embedding them in VLE’s.

Animoto can make the lesson more engaging by grabbing students’ attention with the videos. Moreover, one could ask the students to do their own videos and then show it to the rest of the class. By this, students can experiment on their own and use their creativity. As it is completely web based, students can start creating videos at school and continue working on them at home, or it can be vice versa. Furthermore, Animoto is ideal for introducing new content and storytelling in classroom.

In the link listed below, there are some examples of how Animoto can be used in the classroom.




2 comments on “Creating presentations using Animoto

  1. thenarnianx
    October 24, 2014

    Through the creation of videos, the students may involve themselves more in the lesson as this is something which is not usually done in the typical classes. Videos can be used as an alternate form of presentation which is more interesting than the normal powerpoint presentations.

  2. Sarah Buttigieg
    October 24, 2014

    I also do believe that this is a very interesting tool which interests more the students. After browsing more on it and read this article: http://www.learnitin5.com/Animoto I have discovered even more advantages. Animoto also has a mixing tool which allows you to mix pictures, text, images which you can directly upload from your computer, but not only; it also provides you the possibility to upload from other web-based library. It also gives a music library, from which one can choose to incorporate music and it is also very easy to use. Its only limitation is that the free version only allows video up to 30 seconds to be uploaded. I also do recommend it to other teachers.

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