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Kubbu as an Online Assessment Tool


Nowadays, there are various online applications which aid teachers in assessing their students’ progress; one of which being Kubbu. Teachers can make use of this online application to develop quizzes, crosswords and online assessment games. Eventually, the teacher can share this with her students either by sending them the respective link to their email or else share it on any wiki, blog etc. they might have.

After signing up for it myself and trying out some assessment methods, I can say that I was very impressed at the various possibilities available. Compared to the traditional way of assessment, Kubbu can easily engross students as it is very user friendly, fun and appealing. Furthermore, it has a built in analyser, which takes all students answers and provides an overall or even individual statistical analysis of their responses. This gives the teacher a better possibility to track her students’ work and advancements. Eventually, the results can also be exported to other software application such as a word document, and be used in any way desired by the teacher. Along with this, there is also a section for shared activities; this involves other teachers’ assessment exercises, who wish to share it with all those who have access to Kubbu. This can be done by setting your exercises as public instead of private. Having the possibility to even try out such exercises, students are being provided with a broader range of materials from which they can learn.

For more information of how to create a Kubbu account and what it consists of please watch the attached video:





One comment on “Kubbu as an Online Assessment Tool

  1. bernice1994
    October 24, 2014

    There are various ways which a teacher can collect assessment, and the last method that we should think of is assessing students with tests. This stresses most of the students and as a result, they fail because of that excitement.

    Kubbu is an interesting tool where teachers can assess their students in a fun manner. Students play the games, quizzes and crosswords invented by their teachers, and despite of having fun they are also learning.

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