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SketchUp: 3D modelling program.


SketchUp is an ideal tool for introducing 3D modelling to both professionals and students. One can download this tool from the following site: http://www.sketchup.com/. There are two versions of Sketchup, which are the SketchUp Make and SketchupPro. SketchUp Make is the free version and does not require a license. SketchUp Pro has some extra features, like it could create detailed multi-page document sets with dimensions, notes, vector graphics and images. It comes for free for educators and heavily discounted for students and schools.

This tool can be especially used for Computer Aided Design. SketchUp is not just another CAD systems, it is equipped with tools to work with sustainable concepts. Moreover, it has a suit of Ruby plug-ins which is specially designed for environmental decision making such as energy and daylight analysis. It is very simple to use with sophisticated look and feel of the user interface. This makes it relatively easy to learn. SketchUp utilizes very low amount of system resources so that it does not affect the PC productivity significantly. Another thing could be that it is compatible with many other software packages.

In the following link, one can find an introduction tutorial of SketchUp:





One comment on “SketchUp: 3D modelling program.

  1. Sarah Buttigieg
    December 2, 2014

    Introducing students to such tool, where they can be hands on and carry out some CAD by themselves, helps them to relate more to the real lives; to the actual jobs those who pursue a computer science, mostly designers, will most probably face. This tool will help student understand more the design phase, of the system life cycle process.
    Another similar interesting tool is: FreeCaD. It can be accessed on the link below:

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